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2 years ago

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SMS trackers and their main functions

When watching all those spy movies we dreamt of trying all their spyware in action. Various bugs, super cars, compact helicopters were a dream for any kid and adult for years.

Today we can get in touch with science fiction. Our computers are a size of the palm; compact helicopters are about to take the market by storm and software developers have released certain apps that can turn us into real spies within one tap.

What can be cooler than an opportunity of tracking person’s location whenever we want to find out where they are? Peeking into their texting just to make sure everything is alright?

Mobile spy can do it all for us, and even something more. They can be used in various spheres. Users find new spheres for these apps daily.

Implementation areas

There are many categories of people who need SMS trackers:


For through parent control, they install such programs in their kid’s phones for keeping an eye on them. Teens hate sharing private information or being scared of unveiling facts of getting in serious trouble.

Thanks to cell phone spy, parents can help them solve any problem until it is too late.

People in relationship

Those who cannot beat the feeling of ungrounded jealousy or be afraid of discussing it with their partner should better check once to make sure perceptions were wrong.

They do not want to disturb their beloved ones; this is why the secret check is a way out.

Family and friends

There are different situations when one person needs total control by the others. People who suffer certain diseases should not be left alone. But when it happens – SMS tracker is the best decision for keeping an eye on them.

Top management

For example, the company sends a commercial salesman to visit five destinations and fill up five forms. If an employee is paid for every hour, he or she spends at work. Also, certain individuals can stay at home and deal with forms to their taste without even visiting any other company.

One app is enough for controlling all staff. Managers can always check where their workers are or what they do.

How it works

The method of the procedure is pretty simple. As soon as you get a distributive and install it – register in the system. After this, you can receive any information you can remotely read all inbound and outbound SMS Text messages, MMS multimedia messages, photos sent and received, view phone call logs together with browser history and GPS location of the phone on the map.

All information will be folded in the virtual remote server. Users can get access to it from any PC in any spot of the world.

Even if a subscriber finds such agent in his smartphone, he can never know who did it. Neither can they spot an account that was connected to their phone.

Operating systems

SMS trackers run on devices with Android. Almost any smartphone or tablet PC should work fine with it.

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